Copernicus Coaching and Consulting focuses on building our clients internal capacity to react to, manage and sustain change. We specialize in rapid-cycle iteration and helping clients move from theory to implementation. Our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing our clients create the impact they envision and supporting their leadership team to adapt with their organization to sustain this impact.

In the face of COVID-related closures, members of the Copernicus Team have worked with both national and local organizations to navigate the impact of COVID on schools and nonprofit support agencies. In partnership with Entangled Solutions, Nicole Assisi and Sam Oliviere have been engaged in supporting networks and institutions across the education ecosystem, from networks of schools in China to schools in the Bay Area. Copernicus has also worked with a regional collaborative of funders and community organizations — including the San Diego Workforce Partnership, the University of San Diego, and the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) — to create a regional plan including actionable responses to COVID that support families, children, schools, and nonprofits. Through this work, we have engaged significantly with experts, convened critical conversations, and developed resources geared towards school and system-level strategy for learner-centered approaches to facilitating continued learning in the face of extended school, nonprofit and business closures. Most notably, together we helped develop a K-12 Playbook that translated resources into concrete action plans for distance learning, with a focus on meeting students’ needs holistically. This playbook became a widely used actionable tool for districts and schools across CA to respond to the imminent pressures of moving their schools to remote learning. 

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