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Coaching is one of the most effective ways for facilitating change, improvement, or growth. Investments in coaching yield great results, but the key is finding a coach who aligns with your needs. 

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What is coaching?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

Put another way, coaching is the process of partnering with a trained professional to create the space and time for leaders to reflect on their challenges, experiences, and goals in an intentional way that facilitates the creation of a forward-looking plan to achieve the client’s desired results. 


Coaching can take place in many ways (individually, in a group, in-person, remotely) and focus in many different areas (such as professional development, career planning, personal growth, lifestyle changes, etc.) — which can make it confusing for those who may be new to coaching. That is why it is important to find a coach with the right mix of experience, training, and chemistry for you. 

Coaching is different than consulting, mentoring, therapy, or community-building. If you are looking for an expert to provide you with answers to specific questions (consultant), a seasoned professional to tell you how to navigate your industry (mentor/advisor), a professional to help you heal (therapist), or a companion with which to build a relationship (a friend), coaching may not be the best resource for you. It is important to know what you are seeking to solve when you look for a coach. 

What are the benefits of coaching?


Change is a critical part of modern life. Leading productive careers and happy lives in a fast-moving world riddled 

The Executive coaching is no longer just for c-suite executives. Transformation and growth happens on all teams at all levels.

Change is a critical part of modern life. Leading productive careers and happy lives in a fast-moving world riddled with unpredictability and change requires finding creative ways of coping with and adapting to shifting circumstances and scenarios. We help you and your employees develop the skills to get there.



We provide consulting services and talent development through executive coaching to organizations looking to:

  • Develop overall leadership capacity to augment business results
  • Improve overall staff satisfaction and organization culture
  • Diversify leadership teams by empowering women and leaders of color


We provide executive coaching directly to individuals or as part of a corporate talent development effort to:

  • Grow their personal individual leadership capacity and efficacy
  • Increase career alignment and satisfaction
  • Support established leaders expand their toolbox
  • Develop high potential and rising leaders


1. Executive coaching for leaders at all levels

Executive coaching is no longer just for C-suite executives. Transformation and growth happens on all teams at all levels. Change is a critical part of the work — we all must adapt to living and working creatively in a world marked by unpredictability and constant change. We help you get there.

2. Purposeful science-based human development

In the Knowledge Economy, human capital is often seen as the key to organizational success. We combine research-oriented coaching with data to help companies empower their leaders, maximize human potential, improve organizational culture and increase workforce wellbeing.

3. Catalyze rapid and lasting change

We help drive profound and often rapid results in people as well as in organizations. Through a thought-provoking and creative process, we support leaders to maximize their personal and professional potential. We help leaders develop the skills to manage their teams and their changing environments effectively. Successful teams mean successful organizations.

4. Improve employee engagement

Employee satisfaction is critical in a competitive job market where replacing a team member can be costly. Today’s rising leaders are looking for satisfaction beyond just compensation and advancement. Personal and professional development opportunities are critical to achieving workplace satisfaction. Organizations with a strong coaching culture are linked to increased employee engagement and retention.

The ROI of Executive Coaching is believed to be between $4-8 for every dollar invested — but there are reasons beyond your finances to invest in coaching for your company!

Benefits of Investing in Coaching

1. Increase Staff Longevity and Impact

Happier employees stay longer and work harder. Executive coaching results in happier, more functional staff by improving work relationships within a team by 50%; employees’ abilities to see others’ perspectives by 47%; and organizational culture by 40%.

(Source: Clear Coaching Limited)

2. Reduce Stress, Increase Success

Coaching reduces executives’ stress levels by 18% on average after only 8 to 10 coaching conversations. Some participants experienced stress level reductions as high as 47%.

(Source: Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

3. A More Agile Workforce

We help you develop leaders who are prepared for today’s challenges. Coaching develops resilience, optimism, resourcefulness, authenticity, and commitment in leaders — all critical factors in our complex information economy.

(Source: Silsbee, 2008)

4. Better Decision-Making and Less Conflict

Coaching increases leaders’ awareness which in turn increases decision quality by 36% and decreases conflict by 30%

(Source: Eurich, 2018)

It turns out helping your staff is also good for your business — and vice-versa.

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